The purpose of this website is to report results from putting Hugo up against Nift on build times. A nearly empty website was created using Hugo with 10,000 pages (repository, demo), the exact same website was replicated using Nift (repository, demo).

You can build the Hugo website by running hugo from a terminal/command prompt window inside the website directory. To build the Nift website run nsm build-all from a terminal/command prompt window.

The times in the following table were computed on my 2014 11" i5 Macbook Air with 8gb ram running Ubuntu 18.04 with desktop environment gnome-session-flashback. Snap was used to install both Hugo (version 0.57.2) and Nift (version 1.2).

Site Generator Real User Sys
Hugo v0.57.2 4.765s 13.467s 1.326s
Nift v1.6 1.479s 2.742s 2.129s
Site Generator Real User Sys

Note that real build time is what really matters when it comes to checking changes and getting back to coding. Nift is the clear winner when it comes to real build time coming in basically three times as fast as Hugo. It looks like there is a new world's fastest website generator.